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Thy Kingdom Come

by Dcn. Ralph
Bishop's Chair

When asked to give parish evaluations, I often notice the amount of personal investment and security placed on different ministries. Most staff deeply desire the […]

Program Dependency

by Dcn. Ralph

Most Catholic Churches today are program dependent. By that I mean that they only know how to do this method of ministry and find it […]

Need for Unity

by Dcn. Ralph
"O Jerusalem" by Greg Olson

If there is no common vision for where a parish is going, the likelihood of the approaches used by each leader will be different.  Granted, […]

Need for Vision

by Dcn. Ralph
Alone at Sunset

As most dioceses are starting to make a push to implement the New Evangelization, parishes are starting to discuss this “new” term. This conversation has […]

Encountering the Love of God

by Dcn. Ralph
"Christ of Saint John of Cross" by Salvador Dali

In St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, Paul encourages us to learn to see with the “eyes of your heart.” He was referring to what […]

Getting to the Heart of It

by Dcn. Ralph
Heart Lake

/ The Psalmist wrote in Psalm 51, “Create a clean heart within me” (vs. 10). This gives us a very practical view of what God […]

Is Christ Really Lord?

by Dcn. Ralph
For God So Loved the World

In Church, we often talk about making Jesus Lord and King of our lives. To accomplish this, requires our entire heart. For many of us, […]